Entdecken Sie festliche LED Weihnachtsbeleuchtung und Lichterketten hier bei LightRabbit®!

Schauen Sie sich unser Angebot an Lichterketten, Ersatzlampen und Außenleuchten an. Genießen Sie festliche LED Beleuchtung von LightRabbit® für nur einen Bruchteil des Preises traditioneller Weihnachtsbeleuchtung. Wie wäre es zum Beispiel mit blinkenden und farbwechselnden Weihnachtsleuchten? Oder rotierende und in Lichtkombinationen aufblinkende Lampen?

Unsere Produkte sind einfach einzubauen und sind wasser- sowie wetterresistent. Die Lebensdauer von LED Lampen ist länger und sie scheinen heller als herkömmliche Halogenlampen. Zudem erhalten Sie eine 5-jährige Garantielaufzeit und eine schnelle Lieferung.

Haben Sie Fragen? Dann lassen Sie sich gerne von einem unserer freundlichen und sachkundigen Experten im Kundenservice beraten.

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Spread some festive spirit this year with eco-friendly Christmas LED lights from LightRabbit®, the UK & Ireland’s leading suppliers when it comes to LED bulbs and LED lamps. In the past few decades the LED lighting industry has seen a great deal of change, and we are very proud to be leading the way with this change as we feel strongly about eco-friendly designs.

Our LED Christmas lights can brighten your home, both inside and outdoors, with their multi-coloured string lights made up of pearlescent orbs. These popsicle style LED Christmas tree lights make a lovely addition to brighten up you home at Christmas time or any major event. Our LED Christmas tree lights use 75 per cent less energy than standard bulbs while also emitting a brighter light. This all helps create the perfect magical Christmas atmosphere that children and adults alike can enjoy.

If it has been a while since you invested in new LED Christmas lights and you are tired of the common tradition of unwinding your Christmas LED lights only to find that the same few bulbs are out of action, why not treat yourself and the rest of your family by investing in our eco-friendly LED Christmas tree lights?


Create A Festive Atmosphere With  LED Christmas Tree Lights

LED lighting has changed the way we light up our homes for the better, and by switching to our LED Christmas lights you can have peace of mind that you are not only reducing money in costs but your household’s carbon footprint as well. At LightRabbit® we provide everything you need to make a greener and more cost effective switch. Whatever LED bulbs you require, we are confident that we have everything you need and more here at LightRabbit®, all at the most competitive prices.

We care very strongly about the environment here at LightRabbit®, and we are keen to reduce the nation’s lighting energy bills, from your ceiling lights to your LED Christmas tree lights. Our customers are our number one priority and to ensure you are completely satisfied with your lighting we offer an extensive 2-year warranty on top of our 45-day no objection, all your money back guarantee.

It can be tricky picking the perfect LED bulbs for your Christmas tree, which is why we have a dedicated customer support team on hand if you need assistance at all. Simply contact a member of our Sales and Support team for more information and advice on our products, and we’ll be happy to help you make an informed purchase today.

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