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90-265V Smooth Control LED Dimmer Switch

90-265V Smooth Control LED Dimmer Switch

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A+ energy rating
90 day returns
5 Year Warranty

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Trailing edge dimmers are compatible with resistive or capacitive loads and are able reduce the load by shortening the A/C cycle at the trailing edge of the input waveform, hence the term ‘Trailing Edge’.

Trailing edge dimmers are far more complicated than their leading edge counterpart and are more expensive to produce and purchase. They incorporate many features such as soft start; smooth control, silent running and multi-way dimming that greatly enhance the life of the lamps and fittings.

They are commonly used to dim certain types of low voltage transformers on the primary circuit. These are typically the older type of laminated, wire-wound or toroidal transformers.

Trailing edge dimmers can also be used to dim incandescent, halogen and LED lamps effectively.

Although a trailing edge dimmer is considerably more expensive to buy, it has many desirable attributes over its leading edge counterpart and in certain situations may be more appropriate.


Tech Specs

Tech Specs
Typ Keine Angabe
Politur Keine Angabe
Lichtfarbe Cool White / Warm White
Ausbau Keine Angabe
Spannung 90-265V
Ersatz Keine Angabe
Lichtleistung Keine Angabe
CE / ROHS Zertifizierung YES
Abmessungen Keine Angabe
Watt Verbrauch Keine Angabe
Energy Rating A+
Rückläufer 90 day returns
Warranty 5 Year Warranty
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