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Durchsuchen Sie unser Angebot an LED Lampen in Kapselform. Unsere hochwertigen Produkte können als direkter Ersatz für herkömmliche Halogenlampen verwendet werden. Sparen Sie bis zu 90% an Ihren Beleuchtungskosten mit unseren LED Produkten!

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In the past few decades the LED lighting industry has come a long way, and here at LightRabbit® we are very proud in the part that we have played. As the UK & Ireland’s leading supplier and replacement for LED bulbs and LED lamps, we like to offer our customers a wide selection of LED capsule bulbs that come in an array of wattages, styles and colours.

G4 & G9 LED Capsule Bulbs

The G4 and G9 LED capsule bulbs come in wattages ranging from 1Watts to 4W, which is the equivalent of 10-40W halogen output. Our G9 LED capsule bulbs are a great replacement for standard halogen lightbulbs as they use significantly less energy than a standard halogen bulb, meaning they not only reduce your energy bills but your home’s carbon footprint too.

A range of our G4 LED capsule bulbs are made with 27 high quality surface mounted LED’s and some even offer a 360-degree beam angle perfect to replace your current existing halogens. Our G4 LED capsule bulbs are made with 505 chips, which are the brightest LED’s on the market. This ensures maximum brightness and efficiency can be reached.

Both of our G9 and G4 LED capsule bulbs come in two different colours, warm and cool white. The colour option of warm white LED bulbs allows our customers to achieve a warm ambience in their home. However if you want the brightest light possible then we have our G9 LED capsule bulbs in a cool white, which create the ultimate modern look for a room. If you want something a bit different, it is also possible to use a mixture of both of our warm and cool white bulbs in the same room on different switches, which gives our customers the ultimate choice on how they want the overall room to look.

Eco-Friendly LED Capsule Bulbs

The LED lighting industry has changed and grown rather dramatically over the past few years. Our LED lightbulbs can fit perfectly into existing lighting fixtures and we provide everything you need to make an environmentally friendly and more cost effective switch. Whatever specific LED bulbs you require, here at LightRabbit® we are confident that we have everything you need and more, and we have it all at the best prices.

At LightRabbit® we care greatly about the environment and we are keen to reduce the nations lighting energy with our LED bulbs. On top of suppling high quality and eco-friendly products, we like to offer the most competitive prices for our customers, as well as providing a selection of guarantees on all of our lighting to ensure that you are happy. Our detailed range of LED bulbs can be overwhelming to choose from, which is why we have a customer support system on hand. Our team is readily available to our customers, should you need assistance when it comes to making your decision. For same day dispatch, please ensure you have placed your order with us before 3pm.

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