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If you are specifically shopping to find LED lights for the office, we have an excellent selection of LED office lights which are bound to meet your requirements. Whether this is an office in the home or workplace, you will be able to choose from a variety of energy-efficient and long-lasting LED office lights. LightRabbit® can also supply for your development or refurbishment projects at trade price.


Haben Sie Fragen? Dann lassen Sie sich gerne von einem unserer freundlichen und sachkundigen Experten im Kundenservice von LightRabbit® beraten.

    • Replaces
    • 36W
    40,20 £
    So niedrig wie 40,20 £ 33,50 £
  1. €19.99
    23,99 £ 19,99 £
    So niedrig wie 23,99 £ 19,99 £
    • Replaces
    • 200w
    95,99 £ 79,99 £
    So niedrig wie 71,99 £
    • Replaces
    • 116w
    63,88 £ 53,23 £
    So niedrig wie 63,88 £ 53,23 £
    • Replaces
    • 36w

on all orders over £50


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