Get More Light From Your Lumens with LEDs That Deliver Optimal Lumilife

Optimal Lumilife

Different types of light bulbs produce different amounts of lumens. Lumens are the amount of light that is emitted that can be seen and, if you want your LED lighting to last even longer, you need to make sure the LED bulbs you select provide maximum 'Lumilife'. We provide a selection of high quality LED bulbs that are designed to deliver optimal Lumilife.

Lumens & Lifespan

The average halogen lamp produces about 570 lumens, the average incandescent around 860 lumens, CFL light produces around 825 lumens and an LED 850 lumens. When it comes to Lumilife or lifespan however, LEDs outperform all other types of lamps. An incandescent bulb will provide 1,000 hours of light, halogen lights 3,500 hours, CFLs 8,000 hours and LEDs up to 50,000 hours if you purchase them from LightRabbit. Translated into years, this means your LED will last 30 years, compared to six months from an incandescent light, just over a year and a half from a halogen lamp and three and a half years of light from a CFL.

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LED Bulbs; More Life, More Lumens

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So what do we recommend at LightRabbit?  Well, our XGen 5W GU10 LED Spotlight is just one example of our quality UK LED light solutions that provide lots of lumens with significantly less power.

Using just 5W of power, this LED bulb is available in cool, natural and warm white and will fit your existing GU10 base as the perfect replacement for a traditional 50W lamp. This is an LED lighting solution that generates up to 445 lumens. Our expert personnel can answer all your questions and help you to find a solution that will reduce your power consumption by up to 90%.

Find other recommended LED lighting solutions above where you can reap the rewards of an extended Lumilife. Available in warm white, cool white and now natural white options our LED light bulbs provide a wealth of choice not just in colour temperature but also beam angle and brightness, making them suitable for both residential and commercial usage. Stand the test of time with LED bulbs which last 50 times longer than traditional bulbs.

When you shop online and make a selection from LightRabbit you can look forward to a comprehensive warranty and an investment that will give you a return in just six months.

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